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It's a TRAP! Winter Champs List


Description by the author: seabear 6

It's a TRAP! or not.

Place a 3/2 or non-advanceable trap in the server. Wait. Does the runner run it? Yes? You better hope it was a trap and not an agenda.

Use Jackson to get ALL the Snares! in R&D for when they dig.

Swordsman and Turing is anti-AI hate; I only saw a couple of decks with it. But it is nice to have.

The magnet was great for canceling hosted cards.

If they run cards a lot, advance an overwriter in a server waiting. OR build a big server and put Edge of World in there. No one expects Edge of the Word in NEXT. But now they do.

If I were to make changes to this deck, I would put more econ remove 2 NEXT Gold, and put in lower-cost ICE with a hard End The Run subroutine or a rough small piece to deal with. (I will post a new list when I figure that out.)

Issues with deck include getting too many expensive pieces of ICE, and not getting enough ICE at the right time.

Good luck and have fun with this awesome take on NEXT Design!

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