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alix the grid


Description by the author: GAMMANET 52

this started as a thought experiment of how to use alix and its done really well overall, 8 agendas causes the usual issues of 8 agendas like having to score 2 5/3s and the runner wins in 3 agendas almost always. season ice suite to taste but you need some chonkers on hq since they're also on the remote. play this an experience the freest eater matchup.

we have a pretty bad time vs sneakdoor as now you need to build a second hq server. not seeing alix early means we ride the etf train most of the game. im beginning to experiment with other econ cards. also surprise, elp is a purple card, you can play it in purple. it continues to either be the worse use of 2 credits ever, or a game winning 2 credits.