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Gaslight 148


I won't go into individual card choices, because draft logic. I snagged Desperado without a plan and this is what came out.

Game 1 vs Zaily's TarMar NASol: On The Trail prevented tarmar from ever firing. Also 2 types of decoders and killers really killed her game plan. She could never pull ahead in money and I was able to camp the remote

Game 2 vs Volitar's Chronos Rigshooter: Drive By mvp here. Forced pre-rez on the batties and called out good runs since I lack multi-access. Also so much breaker redundancy really kills the batty threat in general.

Game 3 vs Vslice's Biotic ST: This one was kind of lucky as he hit some supremely bad ABT fires, feeding me an early Ikawah. Bhagat, which was kind of an inf-fill last pick managed to pressure centrals to close it out.

So yeah, I got pretty lucky in my matchups in that I was well teched for them. I was worried about facing R2Devo's GRNDL as I lack good draw to counter damage and TBB caprice etf because he would just pre-rez her and laugh at me.

If you're looking to play some weaker decks for fun, or against other snek lists I'd give it a shot. Shoutout to beyoken for running the event and leaving Femme on the table for me!