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zailey 190

This is my attempt at playing SanSan City Grid as Sol (for research purposes).

When the deck works, you score from hand all behind an impenetrable ICE fortress a few layers deep. 2 CVS protects your angel-booth combination from parasite so you can keep dragging them through the facecheck. Strategically switching between TarMar and Paywall over the course of a single game.

When it doesn't, you're getting HQ multiaccessed and miscalling your TarMars (Siphon vs. Shutdown), or your ICE is not quite enough against a lategame drip doomrig, whether because of Gordian or otherwise.

You could try to fit a Biotic when the new 5/3 gets here by cutting GFI, an Eli, and the clearances for it. I like the pop-ups in that version.

[ +1 biotic, +2 pop-up window, +1 TarMar; -1 gfi, -1 blc, -1 glc, -1 wrap]

I do think this deck has more game against crim than the Sol precon, but you lose a bit to shapers that don't rely on viruses (Comet CT; Kit, Hayley precons).

Solid deck would slam again