plant without brain

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apparently i'm down to one sure gamble. who knew. this is the stimshop deck ive been playing in its current iteration. chaos theory's mu gives up room for a very large rig thats very good at getting where it needs to go, though as always with mopus the games come down to accesses; if you dont get rushed out on, and the corp doesnt suffer an agenda drought. you have an absolutely abysmal net damage matchup. film critic helps smooth out jinteki and makes non-ash caprice upgrade piles sad.

sure gamble, film critic and atman are your main flexible slots. A deus ex would be very good for allowing better net damage matchups, sharpshooter is good for making archer in ichis sting less, more sure gambles could be good since theyre effectively just not cards in your deck, plascrete if you wanna just not think about the fire matchup. Fast advance decks can be rough but lately clot has been pulling its weight.(also legwork). the last card i think about slotting is same old thing because it makes a weird psychological game with stimhacks in heap, also access to test run legwork or makers to close out. notoriety also worth considering since fake points are always good. i will learn how formatting works later

2nd place at spring champs. dropped games to twiy twice cause self growth is a menace for opus and once to sol who got the 3rd turn breaking news (they coulds scorched that turn, but instead bb'd) then next turn traffic accident into scorch)