Shut It Down

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Gaslight 174

Back at it again with another IG adventure.

This time we are rigshooting. The flavor du jour is mopus, so slam Jackson, shutdown 5 and blow it up. Tuck batty behind a laser ice and shoot the 2nd mopus. Score with caprice with real agendas and keep your econ moving with Recycling center.

You won't beat Imp recursion just concede.

Possible changes: I think Long Term Investment can be swapped for a different econ option, I just wanted to try it. The immediate pay off and trash threat of mental health or pad is probably just better. Too bad.

Snare could also be swapped for something, probably another piece of ice. It's just nice to punish the central hits on occasion, but I often find myself just recycling it.

9 Mar 2024 Woody23

Played MOpus Kit against this a while ago. Really good deck!