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TheBigBoy 103

This is the Dio list I’ve been having success with. There’s a lot of room for adjustment in the random 1-ofs if you want to experiment. The deck should definitely have a plascrete, so cut whatever card you like the least for that.

Just access cards until you win, easy, FIS/Sneakdoor are cheeser cards for closing the game, try not to use them early unless there’s a super good opportunity.

Much like with mopus decks, you want to pressure the corp’s remote to get them to commit resources there, but ultimately you win in R&D (or with sneakdoor surprise).

27 Mar 2024 TheBigBoy

Oh it’s also possible that Datasucker should be Multithreader. That card might be really good here and I kinda forgot it existed.

28 Mar 2024 Fluffy1

Multithreader is indeed much better than Datasucker unless you are running a ton each turn.