Iain's Creepy Sleepover Rebooted

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Fluffy1 419

Welcome to Spamming the Little Boot Icon, an unfortunately named series of Reboot-modified decklists abusing the fact that Woody23 likes and favorites every deck I make because he thinks it's funny. In the original, @CapAp lamented the lack of 2 more influence for a 3rd Off-Campus Apartment. Lament no more! Thanks to the Reboot Discord for helping me fix this up, and everyone who suffered through this as Corp.
This deck has a 50% WR on Reteki, over 6 games. 2 of the wins were concessions, because no one has that much time, or realizes they need it.
You flat-up lose to Character Assassination, so beware of that. I did slot Traffic Jam to annoy CA players, plus it stalls later agendas more than early ones. Don't put good stuff on Off-Campus Apartment against CA, or even install it until they score one.
Some players may play weird to deny us ID credits, this accounted for 33% of my wins.

Pros: Wins many games by unique way.

Cons: Wins no games normal way.

10/10 Great deck would get hit with Character Assassination again.