How to Lose With Style

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Phrydephisch 2

Want to have fun playing Comet, Oracle May, and Power Nap all in the same deck? Then this is the deck for you!

Want to actually win games? Then you should probably stay clear of this list based on my performance with it today.

Out of four games played at Winter Worlds today, I won only once, though I did get to 5 points a few times. Some of this can probably be attributed to misplays on my part, and some to bad RNG (like the game I mulliganed into all 3 Power Naps), but mostly I just think this not the most optimal build using the comet/oracle engine. The deck is probably just strictly better if you drop all the doubles for Process Automations, Build Scripts, another Makers Eye, and whatever three other events you want.

Just keep in mind if you do, you no longer get to play Power Nap, which is like 1000x less cool.

So if you want to lose stylishly and have fun doing it, go ahead and take this version for a spin.