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presheaf 116

So many interactions! Nasir loves some creds sitting in places he can't randomly lose them, making Stim Graft and Futureproofing awesome. Of course, three of them eventually becomes too much, which is why you play Heartbeat - with a bajillion tiny things to burn, you can graft to your heart's content, which eventually becomes an obscene amount of money. Then, in the late game, go nuts on R/D with the interfaces the Corp has been buying for you via Personal Workshop.

Your breaker suite might be inefficient, but has the very big advantage that you can boost ahead of time - even just before you encounter a piece of ice and would normally lose all your money. I won't lie, it's definitely a compromise you're forced into for playing a weird ID, but it does mean you crush some nonsense like oops all barriers. Heartbeat is similar in that you do have to play this janky console to make your deck even function, but the upshot is that with Harbinger and Clone Chip, you can build your own Plascrete in a pinch.

This has way too many moving pieces for me to tell you it's strong - some games your workshops just don't show up and it's a tragedy - but you do make a decent impression of a serious runner, and being forced to think ahead and having multiple sources of credits makes for some fun decisions. If you like a finnicky engine which has a couple of really strong features alongside some huge weaknesses, give this a try.

18 Jan 2024 Gaslight

Rook slotted, Klerik deck confirmed.

Seems like a good opportunity for cache but i can see the trouble making room.