The Gang: Defiant HQ Destroyers

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Woody23 12

This deck has gone through ~12 versions and a pretty decent win rate.

With this deck, you are attempting to trash lots of stuff from centrals, especially HQ.

The main breaker in this deck is Knight. In an early version the only breakers was Knight and Mimic to deal with cheap sentries and Swordsman. After playing it more I found out I needed Yog for dealing with Magnet, and Corroder for dealing with big barriers that had more than 7 strength.

The reason why I used Knight was because I wanted some good AIs that could prep themselves for pressuring a server then running it over and over again. Knight was good at this because once they are in position on HQ, the best way for the corp to get rid of them is by trashing the host ice and replacing it with a new one. Not only is there an ice in the bin, but we can bring back the Knight with a clone chip.

Tip: Don't leave your Knights on cheap ice too often at the end of your turn. The corp will gladly throw away that ice to get rid of it. A good tactic is to stick it on a Tollbooth or other ice the corp paid good money for. That way it's really expensive to have to get rid of such a valuable ice.

HQ is a really juicy server for this deck. You get so much profit from running for 8 reasons:

1: After you trash lots of cards, the chances of them scorching you is now lowered.

2: The corp has to play/install crap immediately before you run them.

3: The agendas are very exposed to being stolen because HQ is shrinking, thereby increasing the chances of stealing one. This is a very important concept vs decks like Tempo NEH that are flooded with agendas a lot.

4: Glee will give you a credit every time you trash one of those cards.

5: Bhagat & Human Rights Riot are crazy support cards if you draw them.

6: It will ruin the corp's plans.

7: It will force the corp to use up their ICE on HQ, which will be a little more difficult when you're trashing them from HQ. This doesn't mean they can't do it though.

8: It will help you win.

I slotted Gang Sign because it works so good with the deck. It means if you draw it you will still be able to put pressure on HQ no matter how much ICE or Upgrades they install. HQI will boost the effect as well.

One cool combo that you can do with this deck if you draw the pieces is Gang Sign+Human Rights Riot. You access a card(s) with Gang Sign, trash stuff, and trigger Human Rights Riot, trashing more and making it devastating to the corp whenever they score.

As for remote pressure, this deck is so rich you can often nuke the board quite often.

Weaknesses and IDs to look out for:

1: Weyland (Probably). Before I had Corroder in this deck, Weyland's big barriers ripped this deck apart. Now that I have Corroder included, you should do way better. I'm not sure if this still has a hard time, but it's worth knowing.

2: Blue Sun. This is a crazy matchup. This deck hates it when Knight gets trashed after they bounce ICE, but boy, do you rip these guys apart like Adam does. If they trash your Knights, try to trash the ICE from HQ if they don't reinstall it.

3: Rush. Rush decks are a challenge for this deck because you aren't as fast as them. Expect them to score a decent lead before you get engine fully running. Keep pressure on centrals to make them lose money rezzing ICE.

If you love trashing stuff in the most annoying way, this deck is for you. I assure you it's really fun and that you need to try it.

Please post suggestions for improvements for this deck. Latest version will be updated below if needed.