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beyoken 69

your typical run-based ken, as generic as all the kens in the barbie world


opening with econ is good

poking around early with patron is good; once you know their ice, you can make tempo plays with siphon or cutlery

walrus + rex breaks most end the run ice for 4c or less; once they're up you can blindly play siphon and high stakes

aesops' primary targets are cache and expended rexes. when all servers are too defended to run, you can sell public terminals and patron too

3x walrus??? no long term decoder???

i underestimated walrus when it was first spoiled. turns out, being able to plop down a fracter without worrying about it getting trashed by destroyers is pretty good. defense against net damage is cherry on top.

you want to see your fracter and decoder early so you can make successful runs. successful runs are good.

most sentries don't stop runs from being successful, thus we run only 1x sniper as the least important breaker. (archer doesn't exist and i won't be convinced otherwise)

3c to break ice wall and friends feels bad. that's why we have knives.

3x rex gets you past code gates 12 times, and we have same old spooned to pry open a key server (probably hq). if you need to break code gates more than 12 times, you've probably lost anyway.

tech slots

unlike most other decks, i feel this deck needs less tech and more consistency: it could probably use more non run based econ, notably daily casts and build script. have fun deciding which cards to cut.

bad matchups

boo to architect

boo to sol, a sentry that ends the run?! how can dis b allow

looking for a corp deck?


30 Jul 2023 Woody23

I thought he was a Ken doll. not a barbie lol.