[Snek 2] ReDLeelaR

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zailey 190

Kept my cards (heh) close to my chest on this one. Surprise! It was DLR all along.

Round 1 vs. beyoken: I was getting rushed on but I landed the siphon (Breach MVP vs. Weyland ICE), then I got greedy and thought I was safe behind a Crash Space with 4 cards in hand. I died to scorch. The TFIN should've been my warning.

Round 2 vs. originalme: Was looking pretty bad at first with a remote I couldn't contest, but I managed to find Snowball and turn that around. Once I got my board established and started landing siphons original couldn't find the money to trash before milling out.

Round 3 vs. TBB: Off to a bad start-- blind siphoned into Heimdall 2.0 early and took 2 brain. I started milling early and TBB trashed it all with some money to spare, but couldn't find the last jackson to save agendas in the bin. I had a wild last turn using FIS to draw up to 6, steal 3 points from archives, then find the winning agenda from the top of R&D (Philotic with biotic in hand!!).

Round 4 vs. Volitar: Vol scored an early datapool against me but that unfortunately didn't help. All 4 killers in the bottom 12 but I got there just in time. Once I started milling with 3 Fall Guys + WNP and endless siphons it was a lock. Notably, I never stole any agendas for Vol to EoI.

GGs all, thanks for the games (and putting up with my villain deck)!