Frantic Doom

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Gaslight 137

Paige Piper + Frantic Coding is a cool combo, because you can't trash what's not there anymore.

Installing Morning Star for 2 or yog for 1 is a hot deal and makes a lot of decks real sad. It might be nice having an answer to rush decks without dropping 7 in a pinch but for the most part it works. Scorch threats can be a dice roll if they have cards and you have to pay full price, but you also have IHW. Hard to say, i've seen it go both ways. Overall pretty happy with it. Not trashing all your econ to a frantic is A+ hot recommend.

28 Sep 2023 zailey

Big fan of this new archetype! I feel like Frantic + Paige is also a way to build Horde.