Siphon ChexX [Top of Swiss Winter Champs]

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zailey 254

been brewing this forever and had to do something to get it out of my head!!

siphon maxx players rejoice and please enjoy u know who you are v_v

i think play another spooned instead of laughs, that's what i needed all day. laughs was a failed attempt to convert the knights into HQ access pressure but you need another answer to magnet + turing remotes. in reality the best access pressure is from destroying their ICE.


  • set up siphon lock super fast since you have 3
  • destroy all their ICE
  • knight so they can't keep you out of the remote
  • pawn + deep red + scheherazade is baby desperado when it comes together but don't rely on it
  • hacktivist is so you can beat asset glacier decks
  • medium should be keyhole BUT its way cooler this way. you can get lots of accesses with knight and make them put real ICE on R&D so you can siphon more. 1 more MU does enable the parasites


  • steamroll yellow usually unless they are kill then it's even
  • jinteki is your game to lose, RP is hard but you have the tools
  • etf is hard, you can beat them with a good draw and hacktivist
  • hopeless vs blue sun. haven't played much vs other weyland but it shouldn't be hard, just make sure to install plascrete, hold ihw, and levy on time
  • rushy purple (echo/NEXT/foundry) is even you can beat them with careful play. focus on trashing their ICE asap, if they build a full board you can't come back
  • haven't ever played vs assets but if you open hacktivist they are gonna have a hard time

i'm gonna try and get keyholes in here next and see if i can keep the chess, it must be possible!!


on the day i beat echo and sol and lost to echo and next. losses were def winnable but my opponents played well and i either misplayed or needed that second spooned. wins were lockouts :)

for winter champs my corp was nisei division w/ some slight changes. in hindsight i would go back to the precon, the second cyberdex was only good for bluffing as caprice on HQ and never turned up when i needed it. i thought the deck would be good vs. a field of anarch and shaper but in reality i only beat crim...

GGs to all my lovely opponents y'all keep it real 👑