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zailey 254

almost card for card from an old TBB list but with a zu over rex and PAD taps. stopped playing this 'cause mopus was the craze and everyone started to tech up.

the basic plan is install mopus turn 1 and then slowing them down long enough that you can end the game with siphon + vamp + shutdown. the corp has to deal with taps, IJs, and spec order and you click for 2 if they dont play fast.

playing optimally is never clicking to draw and instead using express, li, and qt to assemble all 3 breakers and lock HQ. my favorite killer suite helps a lot here in making HQ impossible to defend. the 1 RDI is essential for closing most games and is usually the 1st or 2nd tutor with logos.

fisk into legwork helps close the game against glacier but is tricky to use against top players. alternatives to consider: Drive By, High-Stakes Job, Legwork, Sneakdoor Beta

2-2 in the league, solid 50% wr for me overall, solid HQ lock deck