Demolition Derby

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zailey 181

Posting this because BABW doesn't get many decks posted. KraftyCristy and I have 12+ games on this and it's got a 60~70% winrate so it's been solid!

What happens if you want to make demo tribal in BABW? This happens.

How 2 demo:

  • Go low to rez Hadrian's and bounce right back to Restructure range.
  • Data Raven is good with demo?
  • Is that single-advanced ICE a barrier? A code gate? A sentry?
  • SMC? Bounce 'em.
  • Anarchs get checked by Lotus without NRE.
  • Code gate on the remote can catch a lazy crim with only a Passport.

The idea is that if they run without their entire rig they get ETR'd and then play demo and threaten the kill. The early ETR threat also helps with scoring an over advanced Atlas.

I did play some games with TBB (vs. Kit) and she's a pretty hard matchup. Anarchs and slower shapers are lunch tho. Crims really need to be punished for aggressively face checking so the games are usually tight.

If you're looking for a change, try Fenris over Raven and let me know how it goes.

***EDIT: Decklist is wrong, it's Bouncer not Builder, deck cannot be edited so future readers beware and take the true list.

4 Dec 2023 TheBigBoy

-1 Builder +1 Lycan. The Lycan has been nasty in all my games against this.

7 Dec 2023 zailey

Yeah it's not builder it's actually Bouncer!!! I submitted wrong.

yeah Lycan easily best card in the deck.