Slow Running

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vslice 9

14 Jun 2023 zailey

Yay you finally posted the list!! What's the record now? Gonna use this as my baseline for making Vamp + Keyhole Iain.

19 Jun 2023 vslice

This version is at 17-9 so far! TBB had some recommendations: -2 Earthrise +1 Proco +1 sure gamble iirc

29 Jul 2023 Woody23

how does a deck become decklist of the week, raffle? most likes and favorites?

29 Jul 2023 Fluffy1

The "About" page says that the Deck of the Week is chosen based on popularity, so yes likes and favorites.

29 Jul 2023 TheBigBoy

Cut Corroder for Walrus to get the 3rd proco :)

31 Dec 2023 Fluffy1

@vslice got 1st place at the 2023 Winter Championship with this deck!