Identity: G-mod • Link: 0 • Deck: 45 • Influence: 10

Whenever you install a virus program, the Corp trashes the top card of R&D.

"Watch this. It'll be funny."
Anarch • Ralph Beisner • Core Set 1
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Noise: Hacker Extraordinaire
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Welcome to Reviewing the Little Boot Icon: Identity Crisis! an unfortunately named spin-off to an unfortunately named series of reviews for Reboot-modified cards. Today's review: Noise: Hacker Extraordinaire, murdered by Jackson Howard, then came back to life.

  • Changes: Influence limit 15>10. This is a massive nerf, and it is a tribute to Noise's versatility that he is still playable and even Tier 2 or higher. You cannot use Personal Workshop effectively anymore, or Clone Chip. These previously allowed instant speed trashing of R&D, also known as "Omar at home."

  • Pros: Incredible disruptive potential getting rid of the Corp's cards before they draw them, and if it weren't for Jackson Howard, acting as a weird Medium. It also encourages using the full virus toolbox, with Gravedigger, Imp, Datasucker, Darwin, and Medium gaining even more utility. You want Grimoire for your console. Don't listen to the flavor nuts on Turntable.

  • Cons: You have only 10 influence, so you have very few surprises, most decks run Cache and Aesop's Pawnshop, with maybe a Hades Shard.

  • Playstyle: Install viruses, trash R&D, and be the most disgusting nuisance you can possibly be. Don't try "Solitaire Noise", it's really bad without Clone Chip. Clot can block fast-advance, one of your problems, and few Jinteki Biotech: Life Imagined are built around The Tank.

9/10 I'll come to your funeral, Jackson.

(Mind and Mayhem era)

This Identity is so ridiculously good. He used to have 15 influence, making him even worse. He's now reasonable in influence, but he's still really fun. I just love watching him installing viruses, trashing a couple (or even all!) of the cards in R&D.

(Mind and Mayhem era)