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zailey 181

Alternate Names:

  • A Fisk Too Far
  • Fisk Over Troubled Waters



1/2 of my ~above curve~ FIS decks.

(read: they're busted)

What do?

Leela ID ability + Fisk + Woman in the Red Dress will sometimes leave the corp with 10 cards in hand at the start of their turn. Hilarious! We call this "Welcome to Flood City".

What's a corp player to do but call on their trusty ace-in-the-hole to save them. Except now they're shuffling agendas instead of money cards and they're already losing. Sometimes you hit a risky Jackson with Drivy By and the game's over on the spot.

What's better than one FIS? 3 in a row! Whenever they try and actually score against you go get the next one and guarantee 4 more cards worth of flood to the face.

The icing on the cake is that the best combo with FIS is to steal all the corps credits which we do by stacking Kati and then fetching Vamp. No crawling out of this whirlpool!

Can't I catch a break as a humble Corp player?

First off, no way you postmodern robber baron. In all seriousness, SanSan decks in general have a solid matchup against this, as does RP, but it is your game to lose. TBB correctly pointed out that another Legwork in here somewhere probably solves that and there are plenty of flex slots. Regular rush or glacier decks don't really stand a chance.

Running the Numbers

Overall the winrate on this archetype was 15-6 overall. 2 of those were legit losses, 2 were against TBB on NEXT HBFA tryharding to counterpick me, 1 was before PAD Tap & Walrus were released and 1 was my lovely partner playing his first game on the deck (he won the second).


Who knew investment bankers were the real criminals all along. I'm sure someone can tinker this and make it work with FIS at 1/deck, it's still a strong effect when you tutor it.