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zailey 264

See the writeup in the other decklist: https://nrdb.reteki.fun/en/decklist/155/a-fiskful-of-dollar-

This deck was a menace and definitely the motivation behind the Fisk change, don't blame me I'm hooked on speed V_v

I wrote a bunch in the other description so check that out. All I will say here is:

  1. Selverin is a good deck builder play Selverin decks: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/9171ba1e-4efa-44a3-9d60-c36d68255f95
  2. Some of the most fun Reboot Netrunner I've had (at the expense of @Meryu ty for puttin up with this :P)

Highlight with this monster was the following turn (vs. EtF Glacier and I wasn't even sweating):

  • Click 1: INVEST
  • Click 2: Legwork HQ stealing 2 points (I think through 2 Heimdall 1.0s), flipping On the Trail to MOMENT OF TRUTH (cool card btw)
  • Click 3: Indexing
  • Click 4: Run R&D to steal the winning agenda (Ikawah in the remote on game point of course).

Every game involuntarily type "I'm hooked on speed!!" in the chat as I slam back-to-back FIS and QTs.

RIP Paul Walker too soon