hybrid caissa maxx (spring champs winner)

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zailey 254


this emerged from my eternal quest to make new siphon maxX decks.

my winter champs maxx experiment helped me realize that i shouldn't cut the best cards from the maxx precon to play more siphons. knight is incredible in this deck though, letting you contest early remotes, archives, and save money on high str HQ ICE. strike is only situationally useful and is basically blue sun tech. expecting no blue sun i cut it for OTT. trail actually helps in a lot of bad matchups and is easy enough to secure with keyhole, etc., so it's a natural fit for the deck.

laundry is another interesting slot where ultimately what this deck wants is more money to get the most value out of knights. it's also tech for asset spam matchups which are even. both the new includes are great in your hardest matchup of purple sansan FA where you generally just. need. more. credits.

1 keyhole and 1 ret run for more cash might seem crazy but i genuinely don't think they're missed in the constructed meta

take the deck for a spin if you like maxx! this one is way less fiddly than siphon chexx. I'll be back with another build eventually v_V