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Chefboyardy 1

I only have access to so many physical cards so this is a deck I originally constructed from there. I made some changes with the wider pool of cards but my knowledge of the game is still limited.

Goal is to use the few but powerful Ice to protect Central servers and one remote server.

Using Heimdall 2.0 along with 'Tyr's Hand' or adding something in front of Heimdall like Hourglass can be strong and hard to break. Also combining any ice with Awakening Center and Tyr on a remote server to protect it while you close out an asset.

Then of course if they take a brain damage or get tagged you have the other option of scorched earth. I originally was using it with CI but didn't find that hand size was a big issue with this.

12 Jan 2024 Fluffy1

Good job playing The Foundry: Refining the Process! Unlike most non-Tier 1 IDs, it's underplayed. Everyone on is playing EtF or Echo Memvaults: Reality Reimagined for some reason.
I would cut some of the operations for more ice so you can effectively use your economy assets. If you take out 2 of the Bioroid Efficiency Research and a Tyr's Hand you can slot Eli 1.0, the best ice, he would be good on Archives or as a second ice on HQ or R&D so your other ice is more effective, if they through him Janus 1.0 might land more brain damage.
Also, if you have more ice, you can use Accelerated Beta Test. It's good even if you don't fire it, and Private Security Force looks subpar in this deck. Foundry combos excellently with ABT, if you pull a single ice, you can install and rez it, then use Foundry to shuffle the other card back into your deck without trashing it.