[Deconstructed] Solitaire Noise

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Fluffy1 419

The Notrunner Deboot Project is pleased to present the next Deconstructed decklist: Solitaire Noise: Hacker Extraordinaire!

This deck only runs if it has to, using Hades Shard after milling a bunch of stuff with virus programs. Darwin is um, insurance. No, the Corp will not score out behind a Wraparound before we can do anything, because that's mean. Also, we have Clot, which says: "The Corp cannot score an agenda..." Ignore that fine print. Aesop's Pawnshop will help us afford our viruses, as well as manually installing the Shard. Surge is utility. I had a Medium Incubator combo in here, but it required runs, so I cut the Mediums and left the rest because of Gravedigger.

Disclaimer: The Notrunner Deboot Project is a meme project dedicated to ruining Netrunner. Please play the Preconstructed Noise deck by @TheBigBoy, it can actually win against an opponent who isn't asleep.