p0ker Geist

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zailey 190


Gamble it all on siphon with pure denial Geist! Put all your chips on the table then go all-in on HQ.

Generally your goal is to get 2-3 turns of free Keyhole-ing unless they have some way to bounce back from 0 credits in which case you can pressure the remote with early Cortez. B&E breaker suite makes up for the weakness of Eater-Keyhole allowing you to access trashed cards in Archives or run the remote if they install-advance-advance while keeping the pressure up with near infinite card draw.

Notable cards:

  1. Hopper is insane in Geist and should be in every list, let's you ditch the 'Crete and juggle link for your breakers while also "tutoring" siphons to chain.

  2. Security Chip with any AI is crazy, break every ICE on a stacked server for pennies. Also makes up for a deficiency in B&E breaker STR.

  3. Crescentus is even stronger when you break the ICE for free. Note that Cortez Chip says "until the end of the turn" so you can combine it with derez effects for stronger access pressure on the remote.

  4. Levy is mandatory in every B&E Geist list.

Gambling never pays-- except when you have the scriptz.