Donut Fisk (Undefeated at

Woody23 12

This deck has a 60% W/R for physical play, and is undefeated at We'll take a closer look at these stats in a minute. Let's look at the deck first.

1: It's Fisk deck.

Fisk has been notorious for being a tier 4-6 ID that has an ability that benefits the corp under most conditions. However, this decklist takes advantage of the good side of his effect; We aren't running until we are making the Corp broke!

2: This deck contains 3x Donut Taganes.

When I first saw this card, I thought I was seeing the worst runner card ever (I instantly forgot about my Mushin-Toshiyucky-BackChannels-ThomasHaas-CI deck and cherished Donut's name forever). I changed my mind when I got TheBigBoy's opinion of him. The reason why I slotted this guy is because 1) Hedge Fund, and 2) Scorched Earth. He also will affect every single other operation in the deck. It even blanks Subliminal Messaging (Unless their doing some wombo-combo jank with Accelerated Diagnostics, which will also be expensive).

3: This has Logos.

Right. This is a slow deck. Play like Iain. You want this to tutor MOpus and Kati. Spend your whole life pumping them. Use this card to get anything else you didn't draw, such as your breakers.

4: This has Bagbreakers

I know, you think these are only good with Dio. This deck absolutely loves them. You are soooooo rich. I'm happy @TheBigBoy buffed Fisk. Did you hear that, @QuimicoDan? Fisk is good now!

5: This has Siphon & Vamp

TheBigBoy has said before that Vamp is really good with Iain Donut decks. I'm playing it out of Fisk and using Siphon too. Now that the corp is broke, we can flood their hand with Fisk's ability. Let's go! Whooooo!

6: All the other cards

Overall, this deck isn't too good, but the idea is so much fun. The other cards help you too, and I'd like you to see for yourself what they do (Hint: Lovegood blanks Donut/Drug Dealer).

So, what about the stats?

First, lets see what decks I played against physically (remember, 60% W/R):

-My Mushin-Toshiyucky-BackChannels-ThomasHaas-CI deck (Yes, you heard me: Toshiyuki!)

-A crappy Echo deck

-Wierd jank Tennin

Online Statistics:

No plays, therefore undefeated (What? it's a true statement!).